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Specializing in Pure Water Solutions

Trust HydroMax to provide ultra-pure water solutions for your specific commercial or industrial process. HydroMax systems are engineered and carefully fabricated to reliably provide the quality and quantity of water you require. We manufacture systems that produce water that meets any ASTM, CAP, USP or Electronics grade water standard, or can custom design a system to meet the most rigorous specification. We manufacture systems which produce ultra pure water or treat process and waste water. If you currently use between 50 and 50,000 gallons of ultra-pure water per day, HydroMax has a reliable, efficient, cost effective water purification solution. Call HydroMax today and wake up tomorrow knowing your pure water problems are solved! Contact us here for more information.

Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment

HydroMax manufactures a comprehensive line of "containerized" desalination plants. The containerized systems are built inside of metal shipping containers and are assembled and fully tested at our facility before being delivered with no need for on-site system assembly, pipe work, electrical wiring or mounting of components. The container also serves as the shipping container so there is no need for wood crating or rental of sea containers in which to transport the system to its destination. See our Ultra Pure Water Systems in the Ultra Pure Water Photo Gallery.

HydroMax reverse osmosis systems are designed to economically remove up to 99.6% of the dissolved salts, 95% of the total organic content and over 99% of all particulate and colloidal material from water. HydroMax reverse osmosis systems are ideally suited for use as the primary means of water purification, as pretreatment to mixed bed deionizers for ultra-pure water service, and for any other application requiring high quality, purified water. See our Process & Wastewater Systems in the Process & Wastewater Photo Gallery.

HydroMax industrial wastewater recycling systems use a variety of advanced technologies to purify and recycle used process, rinse or cooling water. In many cases, the water produced by the HydroMax system is of better quality than the water from the normal supply source. Where liquid discharge is not permitted, HydroMax can design and supply "zero-discharge" systems. HydroMax also designs and builds a variety of automatic industrial wasterwater pH neutralization systems. See our System Design & Pilot Testing Photo Gallery for more information.