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HydroMax reverse osmosis systems are designed to economically remove up to 99.6% of the dissolved salts, 95% of the total organic content and over 99% of all particulate and colloidal material from water for commercial and industrial application. HydroMax reverse osmosis systems are ideally suited for use as the primary means of water purification, as pretreatment to mixed bed deionizers for ultra-pure water service, and for any other application requiring high quality, purified water.

HydroMax commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems are well equipped with all of the necessary process functions, instrumentation and electrical controls required to maximize operating performance. Electrical interlocks for automatic on-off control, pretreatment lock-out, booster pump and ancillary equipment activation and alarm outputs are provided in the industrial grade control panels of all HydroMax commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems.

Reverse Osmosis #1


HydroMax reverse osmosis systems use a combination of technologically advanced features to provide super efficient operation. Depending upon the application, HydroMax offers systems with premium high flux, high rejection or low fouling reverse osmosis membranes. Nano-filtration and ultra-filtration membranes can also be outfitted into HydroMax systems for special applications. HydroMax reverse osmosis systems are offered with our incredibly quiet, in-line, water cooled, stainless steel pressure pumps. These pumps are able to operate in severe environmental conditions such as in high ambient temperatures or with exposure to external corrosive air where other pumps fail. The HydroMax pressure pumps are also the pump of choice for locations where loud pump noise can be bothersome such as in laboratory buildings, hospitals, etc. The standard HydroMax PRO Series reverse osmosis systems are equipped with all electronic digital flow indicating and conductivity meters for accurate monitoring. Pressure gauges are panel mounted for easy viewing. Tough industrial type control systems enable HydroMax reverse osmosis systems to operate smoothly and are adapted easily to fit any projectºs controls requirement.

Each HydroMax reverse osmosis system is fully performance tested prior to leaving the factory. Stringent quality control and attention to preparation details ensures that every HydroMax reverse osmosis system is ready to operate upon installation.

HydroMax welcomes traditional applications for reverse osmosis technology and will gladly explore the suitability of this technology for using reverse osmosis in new and untried purification applications. Our engineers are ready to provide technical, application and design support to make your project a success!